HILL Participant instructions

Link to the document (PDF): HILL -instructions for the participants

Participant instructions

By using your computer browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended), go to the web address you have received. The web address usually starts with http://hill.webex.com/... or http://eduhill.webex.com/...

  1. Install the required add-on by the browser ( if needed or asked) or run a temporary application when prompted.
  2. Then wait for a moment, you will enter the session and the following pop-up window appears:
    Choose Call Using Computer.
  3. After you have made your choice, a new button will be activated where you choose your audio and video devices (then press Connect Audio and Video):
  4. Now you are participating in a HILL session: your voice and video camera image will show to other participants and you can hear the others.


With the buttons on the bottom of the screen you can:

Open and mute the microphone (N.B. The session host has also a possibility to open and mute the participants´ microphones)


Open and close the video camera (camera is managed by the participant alone)


Share contents from your own computer when the host allows it.


Open and close the participant menu on the right margin of the display.


Open and close the Chat window on the right margin of the display.

Leave the session.