Webex Meet

Webex Meet is a mobile app with which you can partake in Hill-sessions through your mobile device. You can also host sessions after login. The app can be found in the corresponding app stores on Android and iOS platforms. After installing the app you can participate in a session either with your official Hill credentials or with one time credentials (like with the desktop version of Hill and eduHill).

Installation links:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cisco.webex.meetings&hl=en

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cisco-webex-meetings/id298844386?mt=8

To join a Hill session quickly with the app enter the session number or the room address, choose a name and an email address, then press Join.


Quick-Start Guide:

1. Open the app 2. Join Meeting 3. Define the session number or address 4. Enter your name and email 5. Press Join.

After pressing Join the application will connect you to the session. You can open or close the cameras on your device by pressing the button second from the left on the bottom row. Connect your audio from the first button on the bottom row (from here choose Call over Internet). The buttons are quite identical to the ones on the desktop application.

From the upper right you can access participants and from the button with the three dots on the bottom row you can open quick settings. Other participants of the session will be displayed on the lower half of the display depending on who is active (speaking). After you have logged in with your official Hill or eduHill credentials you can also host meetings by pressing the Start Meeting button on the startup screen of the app.