Training Center for participants

Webex Training tips

  • NB. All the functions of the Webex Training will not work with smart phones and tablets (e.g. small groups sharing), so you should participate in the session on the computer.
  • You need to have Java installed on your computer (you can install java from
  • Your computer will need to have a camera, speakers and microphone. In particular, the speakers and microphone are important because otherwise you will not be able to participate in the discussions Training. Before HILL class make sure that, they actually work. This is a prerequisite to studying Training Center.
  • Latest Firefox and Google Chrome browsers work best with the HILL.

Login to Webex Training

You will need to join the session either using the Hill-website or if your teacher shared the session information via email, you can just click the link provided in it and fill the login details. Go to


At Live Sessions, which have opened up. There are options Today, Upcoming, Daily, Weekly and Monthly. When you select Upcoming, it will list upcoming sessions.


Click on the session in which you plan to participate. Log in to session using the password your teacher has provided.

In the session

  • Please keep yourself muted in the main group (where all the students are together; after signing in you will be in this group) when you are not speaking. To mute your own mic, on the right you see a list of participants. After your name, you will see a symbol of a microphone and a camera. These are either red/blue or grey. You can click them to change the mode. When the mic is red and the camera is grey they are off. When the camera is blue and the mic is grey they are on.
  • You can see a hand symbol below the list of participants. For example if you want to ask something, you can click this symbol to raise your hand. Normally though you may speak up at any time during the session, since the teacher might not notice the sign.
  • There is also a chat. If the chat is not activated, you can do that from the panel on the right on top of the participants’ list (if it is not open).
  • Sometimes the microphone might not be working. In this case, you need to go (in the upper panel) to Audio -> select Integrated Voice Conference -> Volume. Usually this helps.
  • When you want to leave the session, go to the upper panel and File -> End Training Session.